Video Game Addiction & Parental Control App Monitoring

parental control app video game addiction

Parents, do your kids love playing video games? More than likely, yes. The entertainment level of fun they offer is very addictive, and the graphics quality is quite incredible. But unfortunately, the probability of Video Game Addiction is high among children.

Why Are Video Games So Addictive?

Did you know video games take years to plan, design, and create graphics? The actual storyline is like watching an action movie where your mind and eyes get fixated on the screen. They are addictive!

They are fun and keep your kids entertained and out of your hair. Nothing is better than having some relaxation time without kids forever nagging you.

Here is the “Dark Side” of video games. If you do not control how much your children spend playing video games, addiction can cause mental health disorders. It is that serious and not taken lightly.

Without Parental Control Apps, Video Game Addiction Can Lead To Mental Health Disorders

video game addiction

Here are the facts, as of 2018, The World Health Organisation has classified “video gaming addiction” as a mental disease. Let us face it; anything addictive causes some form of psychological issues.

The current statistics report there are approximately Two Billion Video Gamers Worldwide, and around 4% are addicted, it could be more.

You get into a “Tug of War” situation, where one tiny voice in your head is saying, “Do it”, and the opposing voice is saying, “Do not do it”.

Video games are similar to the hypnotic lights, sounds and anticipation of winning on the poker machines. However, they have one thing in mind, to get you hooked and keep returning for more.

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Kids’ Symptoms of Video Game Addiction

One of the noticeable symptoms is the constant urge to play when away from gaming. Other life activities and responsibilities no longer have importance. The child becomes socially withdrawn and does not interact with family and friends.

Withdrawal symptoms become increasingly problematic when a child gets irate by not being allowed to play. If you see the following symptoms in your child, a Parental Control App Software plan needs immediate execution.

Even if you hear other opinions, use your natural feeling as a parent to keep them safe. Teach them productive balancing habits; there are times and places for everything. Write a schedule together, so they feel involved in organising their everyday activities.

It gives them the incentive to honour the time plan, and by doing so, playing games online with a balanced mind will be as enjoyable as ever without the danger of having a Video Game Addiction.

Allowing your children to get involved will not feel as if you are controlling them. KidsAppLock, together with all parents, are here to look after the future of the World, our Children.

Take note that these Apps are only part of the solution and that, as parents, you need to acquire the skills and knowledge as an added protection layer to protect your kids online.

Enrol today in the eSafety Commissioner Free Webinars for parents to gain those extra skills to empower you even more.

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