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kids coding classes

Kids coding classes provide an engaging and interactive learning experience for kids learning from home.

Some platforms, such as Code 4 Fun, offer a game-based approach to learning programming, where students between the ages of 5-14 solve puzzles and complete challenges by writing code.

Visual & Beginner-Friendly

They cater for beginners, including children with little to no prior coding experience. The platforms start with basic visual concepts and gradually introduce more advanced programming concepts.

It provides a gentle learning curve, ensuring that kids can grasp the fundamentals of coding at their own pace. This visual approach eliminates the complexities and allows children to focus on understanding programming logic.

Fascinating Active Engagement Learning Game-Based-Coding

Learning to code requires active engagement and solving. It teaches children to think deeply, analyze challenges, and develop logical thinking skills.

Imagine your kids learning how to create online games and puzzles once they know the basic coding principles and advance to the following:

  • Text Coding
  • Block Coding
  • Coffee Script Language
  • Python Script Language

So Are Kids Coding Classes Online The Best Way To Start The Journey?

Firstly, Do It In An Exciting, Family Group, Hands-On, Screen-Free Way!

Australian & New Zealand Kids Will Love Toy Of The Year “Botley® 2.0”

Botley® 2.0 coding for kids

For kids ages 5 Plus, the Toy Of The Year Winner, Botley® 2.0 Coding Activity Set, is the best way to introduce your kids to coding basics.

There is no App to download; it is an entirely screen-free, hands-on, educational and entertaining alternative to kids’ coding classes.

With the remote programmer, no Phone, Pad or Screen Monitor is required.

botley coding robot

Surprise Your Kids Today!

remote robot coding

It allows kids to problem-solve their first coding and STEM activities. Using its built-in sensors, they can create fun coding steps for Botley® 2.0 to go on adventures.

Your kids will love learning code that is both creative and exciting — a great stepping stone to further their coding career.

From Ages 5 Plus Years Old

Your Kids Will Also Love “Coding With Roly”

“Coding With Roly” is a popular choice for teaching kids the basics of coding.

They will learn drag-and-drop block sequences to guide a hungry Roly through obstacles to reach Apples.

By avoiding worms, pavements and grass areas Roly will be rewarded with extra Apple bonuses.

kids coding with roly

From Ages 5 Plus Years Old

Kids Coding Classes Practical Application

Coding skills are highly used in today’s digital age. Kids’ coding classes prepare them for the future by teaching them valuable skills that can lead to various career openings.

While parents using a control app focus on monitoring access to content, coding classes foster learning that can be applied in the real world.

Independent Learning

Kids’ coding classes teach them to be their own person and be creative. Children can explore coding concepts, experiment with solutions, and learn from their mistakes.

This process fosters freedom and builds confidence, which may be enabled less through a parental control app.

Collaboration And Community

Coding for Kids web-based classes teach children to work with peers, ask questions, and learn from each other.

They offer a sense of community and engagement beyond what a monitoring control app can provide; it allows children to connect with others who share their interests and learn from diverse perspectives.

Broad Educational Benefits

By enrolling in kids’ coding classes, they develop skills beyond just programming. It builds logical thinking and improves math and language abilities.

By joining reputable coding platforms, children can develop a personal set of skills that can be applied across various academic disciplines.

Increasing Career Opportunities

kids coding classes

By teaching coding to kids early on, they can explore potential career paths in technology.

From creating games and puzzles to being a professional coder with big industries.

coding professional

The demand for skilled coders is rising across various industries.

Coding skills can open doors to exciting careers and provide a leading edge in the job market.


It’s important to note that monitoring control apps can still play a role in creating a safe and controlled online environment for children.

However, kids’ coding classes offer unique advantages making kids’ online activities interesting, fun and educational, creating a better future for them.

By introducing your kids to the Botley® 2.0 Coding Activity Set, and Coding With Roly you will see your kids prosper in mind and learn coding basics and social activities. It’s a great stepping stone into the world of computer programming careers.

Take note that these Apps are only part of the solution and that, as parents, you need to acquire the skills and knowledge as an added protection layer to protect your Kids online.

Enrol today in the eSafety Commissioner Free Webinars for parents to gain those extra skills to empower you even more.

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