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Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are becoming increasingly popular among Internet users. They provide a secure and private connection to the Internet, protecting users from cyber threats and allowing them to access blocked content.

Why Do You Need A VPN Service?

It’s an essential tool that allows users to connect to the Internet through an encrypted tunnel. This tunnel is created between the user’s device and a remote server the VPN service provides.

The best VPN service in Australia and New Zealand helps protect users’ online activities from prying eyes, such as hackers and cybercriminals. But, more importantly, just as you need to choose the best Parental Control Software to monitor your children, the same applies to these services.

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Norton LifeLock™ Secure VPN

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Norton LifeLock™ Secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a no-log VPN that encrypts your data to make it secure. Now, you can Access Public WiFi safely and privately with Norton LifeLock™ VPN.

Use a proxy server, hide your IP address, and get private access to the Internet: By changing your virtual private location, you can Unblock YouTube or any other blocked content. Then, you can freely connect to any WiFi hotspot.

Available in the Norton 360 Standard License or Stand-Alone service.

  • It does not track or log your browsing history.
  • Instant Internet disconnection if the VPN connection is lost; Windows and Andriod only
  • Protection from hackers and WiFi Eavesdropping by being alerted and securing your connection
  • Split tunnelling, which allows you to choose the mediums you want to encrypt such as banking online and sensitive health data; Windows and Android only
  • Compatible for Mac, iOS, PC and Android
  • AES-256 Encryption strength for your peace of mind
norton secure vpn

30-Day Trial Available

How Do VPN Services Work?

They work by routing users’ Internet traffic through a secure, encrypted tunnel protected from interception. When users connect to their servers, their Internet traffic is first encrypted and sent through the tunnel to the remote server, offering online anonymity.

The server decrypts the traffic and sends it to the intended destination on the Internet. When the response is received, it is sent back through the same tunnel, where it is encrypted again and sent to the user’s device.

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of VPN Services

One significant benefit of using these services is that they offer increased privacy and security. This is because users’ Internet activities are encrypted, making it difficult for anyone to intercept or monitor them.

One of the main disadvantages is that they can slow down internet speeds, especially when connecting to servers that are far away. This is especially true for individuals looking for the best VPN NZ and Australia which are quite far from global servers.

Additionally, some may log users’ Internet activities, which could compromise their privacy. Therefore, choosing a reputable and transparent provider regarding its data policies is essential.

Conclusion – Complete Family Protection

Overall, VPN services are valuable for protecting users’ online privacy and security. They allow users to access blocked content and browse the Internet anonymously.

However, users should know the potential drawbacks of applying these services and choose a reputable provider that prioritizes their privacy and security.

Start protecting yourselves and learn more about Norton Secure VPN Services here.

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