Parental Control Software In Australia & NZ

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KidsAppLock outlines two of the best parental control software apps in Australia and NZ, supporting parents in monitoring and managing their children’s online activity.

Are You Looking To Monitor Your Kid’s Device Screen Time Usage?

The choices between the Norton 360 Deluxe and Premium + Cyber Security and the stand-alone Norton Family App are exceptional products for concerned parents.

Between schoolwork, online gaming, social sites and general screen time, your kids can learn to stay safe and productive on the Internet with one of the most reputable parental control apps.

We Use & Recommend The Award-Winning Product To Manage Kids Screen Time

Premium Family Protection Since 1982

Norton LifeLock™ A Trustworthy Parental Control Software Choice In Australia & NZ

Key Family Features & Benefits

Content Screen Filtering

  • Informs you of the search terms or phrases your kids use online
  • Supported on Windows PC, Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad
parental control app platforms
parental app content monitoring

Offers extensive content filtering capabilities, allowing parents to block inappropriate websites and content based on predefined categories or customized filters.

This helps protect children from accessing potentially harmful or age-inappropriate material.

norton family app

30-Day Trial Available

Social Media Monitoring

  • Dark Web social media monitoring is available in the Norton LifeLock™ Deluxe and Premium subscriptions
  • Supported on Windows PC, Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad
parental control app platforms
parental app social media monitoring

It enables parents to monitor their children’s activities on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

It provides insights into their online interactions, posts, and messages, helping parents identify potential risks such as cyberbullying, identity theft or inappropriate behaviour.

Manage Downloaded Apps

  • Informs you of the Apps your kids download with the option to restrict them
  • Supported on Windows 8 or later, Android phones, tablets
parental control app platforms
parental app monitoring

Parents can manage their children’s apps on their devices. They can view installed apps, block specific apps, set time limits for app usage, and receive alerts when new apps are downloaded.

This feature helps ensure that children are using age-appropriate and safe applications.

Monitor Websites Visited

  • Informs you about the websites being visited by your kids with the capability of blocking them or portions such as advertising
  • Supported on Windows PC, Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad
parental control app platforms
parental app web monitoring

It keeps a record of the websites visited by children, giving parents visibility into their online activities.

This feature allows parents to identify potentially harmful or suspicious websites and address concerns accordingly.

norton family

30-Day Trial Available

Manage Screen Time Limits

  • Robust parental control software in Australia gives you the capability to set time schedules for kids’ online usage
  • Supported on Windows PC, Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad
parental control app platforms
parental app time management

Parents can set time limits for their children’s device usage with Norton 360 Parental Control.

This helps promote healthy screen time online habits and encourages a balanced lifestyle by defining specific periods for study, sleep, or family time.

Monitor Location Tracking

  • By using your Mobile network, WiFi networks and GPS it tracks your kids’ location
  • Supported on Windows PC, Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad
parental control app platforms
parental app location tracking

Some versions of Norton 360 Parental Control include location tracking features, allowing parents to monitor the whereabouts of their children.

This provides peace of mind and helps to ensure their safety.

Monitor Kids Remotely

  • Whether at work or out shopping see your kids’ activities online
  • Supported on Windows PC, Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad
parental control app platforms
parental app remote management

It offers remote management capabilities, enabling parents to monitor and control their children’s online activities from anywhere.

They can access the parental control settings, view reports, and make changes via a web portal or a mobile app.

Receive Management Alerts

  • Receive alerts when your kids do not follow the family online rules
  • Supported on Windows PC, Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad
  • Andriod SMS supervision and call blocking are currently not available due to Google policy changes
parental control app platforms
parental control app alerts

The software generates detailed reports and sends real-time alerts to parents about their children’s online activities.

These notifications can include information about blocked websites, attempts to access restricted content or potential risks detected.

norton family

30-Day Trial Available

Monitor Your Kids Today & Keep Them Safe

The Norton Family Parental Control App

parental control app platforms
norton family parental control app

The Norton Family App is a powerful ally in your journey as a digital guardian.

It equips you with the necessary tools to create a safe and nurturing digital environment for your loved ones, allowing them to explore the online world while staying protected.

Join countless families who have chosen the Norton Family App as their trusted companion in raising digitally resilient and responsible children.

Let’s empower our loved ones to thrive in the digital age together.

norton family

30-Day Trial Available

Why Limit Children’s Screen Time?

By using parental control software, you can help your children develop healthy habits when using digital devices and equip them with the skills they need to navigate the online world safely and confidently.

Children will also learn about privacy and Cyber dangers by applying the software and allowing their parents to monitor them. It’s a “Win-Win” family plan.

What Does KidsAppLock Recommend?

Check below for the best Award-Winning parental controls for Windows™ PC, MAC, iOS and Android™.”

Do You Need Extra Protection?

Award-Winning Product

Premium Family Protection Since 1982

The Norton 360 Deluxe Parental Controls + Cyber Security

parental control app platforms
norton 360 deluxe

Keep your kids and family safe online. Includes Parental Controls plus Cyber Security against common threats such as malware, spyware, Trojans, viruses, ransomware and scams.

With its dedicated Parental Control App, Norton 360 Deluxe empowers parents to safeguard their children’s online experiences.

This app provides a wide range of tools and settings to ensure a safe and age-appropriate digital environment.

Monitoring and Protection at its best“.

norton 360 deluxe

30-Day Trial Available

Key Features

Norton 360 Parental Control + Cyber Security

The Positives:

  • Parental Control App Settings**
  • Password Manager**
  • Malicious Malware Protection
  • VPN Anonymity**
  • Monitors The Dark Web**
  • Monitors Your Privacy
  • PC Cloud Back-Up
  • New School Time Internet Pausing**
  • New SMS Security**
  • Visit Norton 360 Deluxe3 x Devices
  • Visit Norton 360 Premium5 x Devices
parental control app platforms

The Negatives:

  • Parental Controls can be installed on Windows™ PC, MAC, iOS and Android™, but not all features are available on all platforms. Must be current or two previous operating systems
  • The initial set-up is a bit lengthy but essential to coordinate all functions to work in unison. Once completed, you have “Peace of Mind” and your family is protected online

Overall Quality And Functionality:

  • Award-Winning product with an outstanding reputation + Cyber Security we personally use, owner of KidsAppLock, for numerous years
  • The Password Manager** is an outstanding feature that generates random high-strength passwords and stores them safely in the Norton Vault**
  • Excellent customer support for technical and general inquiries

Summary – Parental Control Software In Australia & NZ

parental control software australia

We advise sourcing reputable online protection software with a yearly subscription with the added features noted above. Do not take shortcuts with inferior products and services.

Protecting and monitoring your Kids on the Internet is paramount, and by using a subscription-based service like the Norton 360 Deluxe and Premium + Cyber Security or the Norton Family App, you know they are safeguarded.

It’s an investment well spent; honestly, dividing it month-to-month is insignificant and relatively inexpensive, protecting year-round.

Take note that these Apps are only part of the solution and that, as parents, you need to acquire the skills and knowledge as an added protection layer to protect your Kids online.

Enrol today in the eSafety Commissioner Free Webinars for parents to gain those extra skills to empower you even more.

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