Best Parental Control App For Online Threats

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With all its attractive offerings, the Web is filled with online threats to steal your identity, change behavioural patterns, threaten lives, and destroy families and relationships. Hence, why choosing the Best Parental Control App for iPhone and PC is of the essence.

Your children/young adults are the most vulnerable, thinking they are invincible and know what’s best for them. Yes, that is the kids of our day, and technological advancements have made them more problematic, hence why your paternal and maternal instincts need to kick in.

The Daily Online Dangers Scenario

You are sitting in the lounge, looking at your kids, wondering whom they are chatting with, what videos they are looking at, and why they spend so much time online.

Choosing reputable Online Protection App Software is your best tool; it is the first step to taking control of them today, and you will “Pat yourself on the back” you did.

Like everything, knowledge is the key. At KidsAppLock, we educate you on the most common Cyber Threats online. If you do not know the dangers, you cannot protect your kids securely.

Picture the Internet as a Web full of innocent and evil electrical impulses; your job is to filter the bad ones to oblivion.

Online Threats Require The Best Parental Control App Monitoring

best parental control app

Phishing Scams – The Fake Enticement 

We have all received fake emails. The Nigerian emails are the most common claiming they have inherited money from a valuable entity. They ask for your details in an attempt to steal your identity.

Watch out also for SMS messages and websites that look authentic. Think before entering information; use your gut feeling and due diligence. If it does not feel right, don’t look deeper; clear out quickly.

The Best Parental Control App monitoring is your best defensive shield.

Ransomware – The Monetary Thief

It works in conjunction with fake emails. In this instance, they come with malicious attachments that, if downloaded, will encrypt files on your hardware and block access to your devices.

The emails can camouflage themselves as trustworthy companies or authority entities, so be cautious. 

Once locked, a message will appear on your screen demanding ransom money to unlock it. It is a dire situation if you get caught. Children are especially vulnerable, as downloadable products are enticing.

Spyware And Adware – The Fly On The Wall

Free downloadable products are the main culprits in this scenario. But, sadly, you will not know it is collecting personal information and forwarding it to third-party entities.

Information such as your searching habits online, passwords and usernames are collected without your knowledge. You can also be re-directed to websites full of Pop-Ups and dodgy content.

It is very concerning, as removing profoundly infected devices with viruses is complicated. Additionally, it is concerning some of the Best Parental Control App available is not being used.

Worms – The Infestation Scourge

Unlike typical viruses, these threats infiltrate your devices without attaching to your systems files or programs. Instead, they work independently, not as a group, and spread through the network.

They are highly destructive as they spread like the plague throughout a personal or company network and the Internet system. They are commonly seen on the news when a Global infestation is causing major havoc.

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Check out our TOP Parental Control App Software to monitor, educate and keep your kids safe on the Internet.

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The Best Parental Control App Is Your Best Defence

Online Threats are a scourge on society; not only do we, as adults, need to be on guard, but we must educate and protect our children.

Everything starts with awareness and shielding our families from danger.

KidsAppLock is here to inform you of online dangers and safety strategies to help you make the ever-important decision on how best to protect your children.

Next, we invite you to read our online safety page so we can steer you in the right direction. Once again, let’s do it in steps and take your time until we reach a positive outcome.

Take note that these Apps are only part of the solution and that, as parents, you need to acquire the skills and knowledge as an added protection layer to protect your kids online.

Enrol today in the eSafety Commissioner Free Webinars for parents to gain those extra skills to empower you even more.

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