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We must point out to parents that Trolling is a major disrespectful social interaction problem. You must educate your kids/teenagers; they must neither practice nor receive this type of abuse online; Internet safety is a priority.

Please do not confuse this with Cyberbullying, although they can have similarities. The main difference between the two is that Trolling is carried out by someone who abuses or intimidates for fun to work up individuals. They thrive on reactions for fun.

They love annoying groups of people, not one particular individual. Everyone is a target; no one is spared and feels supreme in their assault. Can you see the need for functional and reputable Parental Control App Software?

On the other hand, bullying is carried out by an individual or group who continuously targets one particular individual. As we know, this has devastating results for the person afflicted by the constant torment. Humans can be cruel, indeed.

Trolling Is A Typical Online Assault


It is especially true on some Sports sites where you see filthy disgusting verbal abuse. Truthfully, some of the language used is shocking and makes you wonder how the moderators allow that type of communication for all to see and engage.

Parents, would you like your children to see such vulgar language? Most definitely not, and we advise you to keep in sight what they are viewing. They must neither participate in nor initiate this type of unacceptable behaviour.

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How To Stop Trolling Or A Troll

The principal weapon against a Troll is to ignore them altogether. By doing so, you are taking away the adverse reaction they most desire. Strip them from what they Feed on, ignore them, and they will disappear.

Blocking them is very useful; it is instant and disappears in a blink of an eye. The downside is that they can create a new profile and continue their onslaught, but hopefully not.

Please report them to the site administrator, which by legislation, is obliged to Forbid access to their website or social network. After that, the Troll will likely think twice before accessing the activity.

We get great satisfaction at Kids App Lock that we have parents like yourselves looking to protect your children online from Trolling activities.

So let us continue to offer advice and valuable Parental Guide Control information and recommendations.

You can make your treasures safe online without a doubt; surfing can be fun.

Take note that these Apps are only part of the solution and that, as parents, you need to acquire the skills and knowledge as an added protection layer to protect your kids online.

Enrol today in the eSafety Commissioner Free Webinars for parents to gain those extra skills to empower you even more.

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